An Easy Way To Learn

This is a one of a kind ebook that will make you crave more for knowledge. Most textbook ebooks look more like manuals rather than something put together in order to teach and inspire.

Each page of this book introduces a new topic in a simple, visual way with straightforward explanations accompanied by bite-sized code samples. At the end of each chapter there is an in-depth example that puts together the techniques it has covered. No previous experience is necessary.
The largest distinction that this book makes compared to its competitors is that it doesn't teach you all the things that are there that you will never use. Think about it as an English class, except for this one doesn't teach you all the vocabulary that is over complicated that you will never use. Instead it teaches you all the slang that you will always use. All the shortcuts and little tricks that web developers use today.

Inside this book you will find:
  • Read and write HTML5 and CSS3
  • Create mobile friendly websites with Bootstrap
  • Design and develop websites
  • A guide to where to go next

You will be able to look at real code and follow along simple instructions that explain every bit of the code. This book will give you a fully, comprehensive guide on how to get started in the programming world. Each section contains sample code with the result of the code in a browser. Each chapter concludes with a practice problem who's solutions can be found at the end of the book.